Lil-Lets Teens Ultra Night 10 Towels with Wings

Lil-Lets Teens Ultra Night 10 Towels with Wings

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Lil-Lets Teens sanitary towels (night) with wings have been specially designed for younger girls to use during their first period and the first few years of their periods. They are smaller than most other night-time sanitary pads but are still very absorbent and offer great protection.  Lil-Lets Teens petite sanitary towels (night) are brilliantly breathable, have a super soft cover which is comfortable against your skin and have wings for added security and peace of mind protection. They are also free from fragrances for those who prefer an unscented pad.

Key features

    • Smaller for the perfect fit
    • Brilliantly breathable and comfy against your skin
    • Stay-put wings for security and protection
    • Amazingly absorbent
    • Discreet packaging in a pretty drawstring bag, with removable label
    • Fragrance free and no colourants

Suitable for
Lil-Lets Teens sanitary towels (night) are our largest teens pad making them suitable for night-time use, for those with a heavy flow or your heavy flow days. These petite sanitary pads are also available in Day and Long absorbencies for your lighter to medium days and day-time protection.

If you’d also like to try a regular sized sanitary pad, as well as these petite pads, look for Lil-Lets Super Soft sanitary towels. These have a super soft cover for fantastic comfort, secure wings for added protection and are free from fragrances.

How to use
  • Open the wrapper and fold out the sanitary towel so it is flat.
  • Peel the sanitary pad away from the wrapper and paper (the back of the pad should feel sticky).
  • Position the pad in your underwear.
  • Remove the paper tab on the wings, to reveal the sticky area, and fold these wings around and underneath your underwear to hold it in place and keep it secure.

Lil-Lets Teens Ultra Night 10 Towels with Wings - Super absorbent and breathable towels designed especially for teens. Smaller and narrower, ideal for girls, More absorbent than the leading adult towel. Available in day and night for around the clock protection.

Features and Benefits:

  • Breathable & Comfy
  • Smaller For The Perfect Fit
  • Amazingly Absorbent
  • Stay Put Wings
  • Fragrance Free