My Expert Midwife Soak for Bits Perineal Recovery Soak 750g

My Expert Midwife Soak for Bits Perineal Recovery Soak 750g

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Soak for Bits is a post-birth recovery essential for your first few baths after birth, to clean, soothe and help maintain the condition of the perineum, aswell as calm aching muscles.

After childbirth, bruising, swelling and soreness of the perineum and the surrounding area are common. This Midwife developed soak is made with premium Epsom salts, which instantly disperses in warm bath water. These salts are made up of two naturally occurring minerals, magnesium and sulphate, known for their ability to help a tired, aching body to relax and soothe.  Blended with essential oils - tea tree and calendula, bergamot aids relaxation, and added arnica.

Key Features:

  • Midwife developed,and 100% naturally derived.
  • Premium Epsom salts that will disperse easily into warm bath water
  • Perfect to use as part of your postpartum recovery plan, specially used alongside the award winning My Expert Midwife Spritz for Bits
  • This large 750g bag is perfect for a recovery bath every day post delivery
  • A hospital bag essential or perfect as a gift from one mum to another
  • Suitable for vegans